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VolvoVolvo S90

New Volvo S90 2024 Exterior, Interior, and Price

Volvo must provide the best for the 2024 S90 in terms of features, both for safety and comfort

Volvo S90 2024: Speculation and Overview

Volvo S90 2024 – Volvo is a brand that produces cars for the upper middle class. S90 is one of the luxury sedans produced by this brand. This sedan has 5 passenger seats and an elegant and modern look. We think it’s not like the XC90 SUV, which has a classic style in some aspects. Despite that, it’s still an interesting car.

The 2022 Volvo S90 is an amazing car. Volvo makes it quite perfect in all aspects. That’s why we think in 2024, this car will become even more interesting. We also think some speculation and overview of the Volvo S90 2024 are good. That way, we’ll do it.

New Volvo S90 2024 Model
New Volvo S90 2024 Model

Exterior Design

The exterior of the S90 has a luxurious and elegant appearance. This shows that this car is worthy of being reckoned with in its class as one of the best in terms of appearance. The front of the car looks modern, the body looks sleek and masculine, and the rear looks cool. This is the perfect car for both styles and as a family car. I guess that’s what we thought.

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Interior Design

As a luxury sedan, this car deserves to have the best in appearance, features, and others. Interior design must look luxurious with high-quality materials used. 5 passenger seats are enough for a family, with a comfortable and pleasant design. Next, the supporting features and entertainment must also be there. We hope Volvo does its best for the entertainment features in the car.

New Volvo S90 2024 Interior Design
New Volvo S90 2024 Interior Design

Engine and Performance

The performance of the Volvo S90 B6 Momentum 2022 trim is quite good. With a 2.0L engine, capable of producing 295 horsepower @ 5,400 rpm, and 310 lb-ft of torque @ 2,100 rpm. That’s a good thing, and we don’t expect any improvement for 2024. However, we hope Volvo considers turning the S90 into a fully electric car. That seems like a good thing.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Entertainment features in a car are important and must be considered because entertainment in the car is needed, especially if you travel long distances. It looks like the 12-inch infotainment screen is enough for the entertainment screen, and of course, it can be connected with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Features like Bluetooth, USB ports, and others should also be present.


Volvo must provide the best for the 2024 S90 in terms of features, both for safety and comfort, and other features to improve performance because this will be an added value for the S90 in the market. Some examples of the expected features are Passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation, Stability control, Traction control, Child seat anchors, 4-wheel ABS, and others.

Volvo S90 2024 Pricing and Release Date

Taking into account some of the aspects we mentioned in the speculation, it looks like the price of the Volvo S90 will increase. We think an increase of $500 – $2,000 is reasonable. However, some trims may not increase in price at all. As for the S90 release date, we speculate it will be in Q2 or Q3 of 2024.

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