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New 2024 Volvo Embla EV Electric SUV

2024 Volvo Embla EV: Speculation and Overview

2024 Volvo Embla EV: Speculation and Overview

2024 Volvo Embla EV – Based on edmunds.com, the 2023 Volvo XC90 comes as an upper-middle class SUV, with a mild hybrid type engine, and has good performance. However, that seems to be the end of this car. Because, we got information that this car has a successor, namely the Volvo Embla. However, we aren’t completely sure about this information.

If it’s true that the Volvo Embla is the successor of the XC90, it seems like this car will have better specifications than its predecessor. We expect this car to be an electric vehicle. That’s why, now we will do some speculation and overview about the Embla, or more precisely the 2024 Volvo Embla EV.

2024 Volvo Embla EV Electric
2024 Volvo Embla EV Electric

Exterior Design

In general, the appearance of the 2024 Volvo Embla EV is not much different from the XC90. Haya, this car has a more modern and futuristic appearance. In addition, the Embla EV must also have the characteristics of an electric car, namely some parts have a high-tech appearance. A simple body must be maintained, with an elegant appearance, and gives the impression of luxury.

2024 Volvo Embla EV Exterior Design
2024 Volvo Embla EV Exterior Design

Interior Design

Of course, we expect the Embla EV’s interior to be filled with advanced features, an elegant and modern design, and a futuristic look. The materials used for the interior must also be of high quality, especially in parts for comfort, such as the passenger seat. The Embla EV will be very suitable as a family car because it has 7 passenger seats, and you can choose to enlarge the cargo by folding the passenger seat.

2024 Volvo Embla EV Interior Concept
2024 Volvo Embla EV Interior Concept

Engine and Performance

Unlike the 2023 XC90 which has a mild hybrid type engine, we hope that the Embla EV will become a fully electric car. Of course, this should not make the performance and quality of this car decrease, it should even be better. The resulting horsepower must be more than 247 hp, and torque above 258 lb-ft. In addition, the expected mileage is around 300 – 400 miles.

Infotainment and Connectivity

As an electric car, we expect more advanced entertainment features than the XC90. However, some standard features such as 10 total speakers, 1 subwoofer(s), AM/FM stereo, 220 watts stereo output, USB connection, USB with external media control, and Satellite radio, should still be present. Of course, the most important thing is the infotainment screen measuring 12 as the main entertainment medium, and for driving needs.

2024 Volvo Embla EV Features

The features possessed by the Embla EV are expected to be more futuristic. Whether it’s featured for security, comfort, convenience, or features to improve vehicle performance. It’s expected to have more features that have automatic functions, so there is no need to bother operating them manually. That way, people will rate this car better. It might even be one of the best in its class.

Pricing and Release Date

According to edmunds.com, the lowest trim price of the 2023 XC90 is $56,000. Taking a few things into account and using the price data for the 2023 XC90 as a reference, we speculate that the lowest suitable price for the 2024 Volvo Embla EV is $57,000 – $60,000. As for the release date, expect Volvo to release the Embla EV in the 1st quarter or 2nd quarter of 2024.

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