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All New Honda HR-V 2023 : What We Know So Far

All New Honda HR-V 2023 Redesign Exterior, Interior, and Specs

All-New Honda HR-V 2023 – One of Honda’s quite popular models in the market is the HR-V. Honda currently launches the All-New Honda HR-V 2023. This New Generation is known as Vezel in Japan. There is currently no information disclosed, and more details include the sale price for the latest generation All-New Honda HR-V. We expect this SUV to use an all-hybrid with an e: HEV system and can be added to any new models and facelifts to make it more similar to the Asian-specific Vezel.

New Honda HR-V 2023
New Honda HR-V 2023

What’s New Honda HR-V 2023

We expect the latest 2023 Honda HR-V to come with a new design. With your coupe-style car giving it both sporty and glitzier looks more mature, from some of the images we get looks The front is equipped with a horizontal grille. With the same color as the exterior, the Headlights tapered long. Like a samurai sword, Sisi adds premium sport. With a black base around the car, The new five-bar rim, two-tone color, while the buttocks’ design. Focus on the rear light design Becomes horizontal Stretched along the car’s width in line with the front design. Create the uniqueness of the All-New HR-V 2023.

The overall design is obvious: Honda offers a very new design with a strong enough taste for the SUV / crossover market. But compared to the previous HR-V, the HR-V characteristic becomes less visible because the new version seems more premium, and the body surface becomes flatter. In contrast, the old version is more notched and brainy.

How safe is the Honda HR-V 2023 to drive?

The Honda HR-V 2023 is one of the safest cars on the market. Its exceptionally low fatality rate – at least 27% lower than the standard for this class of vehicle, according to NHTSA – reflects Honda’s commitment to innovation and driver safety. For example, the HR-V 2023 has a new Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure that absorbs and distributes frontal crash energy more evenly.

It also comes with Honda’s innovative Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) technology, which works to stabilize the vehicle when it is in an oversteer or understeer situation. Honda is one of the few manufacturers to include standard Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) on all its models. And with the Honda HR-V 2023, this is especially important because it features a sportier driving character than most competitors in its class.

Exterior Design

Before the launch of the latest generation HR-V, engineering images of the All-New Honda HR-V 2023 were already widely circulated. The car looks more muscular. Very European. It’s even reminiscent of the Audi Q3.

The change is in the wider front grille, and the new skid plate design also makes the front view of the 2023 Honda HR-V look dashing. The shoulder line also extends from back to front horizontally.

Exterior Honda HR-V 2023
Exterior Honda HR-V 2023

The headlights look narrower and elongated. To give the front fascia an elegant feel, the headlights are connected with a thin chrome line. The shape of the front grille no longer uses Solid Wing Face, replaced by a new front grille that is more radical in shape. It resembles thin blades with colours aligned with the body so that they appear to blend. It looks futuristic, similar to an electric car fascia.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Interior cabin It comes designed with the concept of HMI (Human Machine Interface), emphasizing horizontal lines. The inside look is made slicker and more premium than ever before. The design is made more minimalist and simple so that it becomes airy. Coated with quality and soft materials.

Interior Honda HR-V 2023
Interior Honda HR-V 2023

The same style as the exterior design, especially on the air conditioning ventilation part in the front console that looks unique, may not look different from the new car today. The central display screen of the infotainment system is floating. Enhance your driving aesthetic with a panoramic sunroof.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The 2023 Honda HR-V comes with the latest version of the Honda Connect system. All models come with a touchscreen entertainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The touchscreen’s width may be larger than the current one, 7.0 inches and mounted on the centre dashboard. Support service called Honda Total Care Premium that makes you feel comfortable. And safe to use: With an automatic map update system For the navigation system, a Honda Digital Key system can be used with a smartphone. Instead of car keys, Honda App Center has tons of apps from Honda to add aesthetics. And the convenience of using your car that supports in-car Wi-Fi service.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

In terms of drivetrains that use the new generation HR-V. It will be marketed in Japan With gasoline engine models on model G and hybrid PHEV versions in 3 sub-models with 1.5-liter i-VTEC DOHC gasoline engines. CVT transmission works with 2 electric motors with 3 drive modes: Normal Sport and ECON, with a real-time AWD drive system that can be selected to ensure driving confidence in all road conditions.

New Features

New features or fittings were added to the All-New Honda HR-V 2023, including a hand-free electric tailgate system and a panoramic roof. It is equipped with reflective glass, low E heat protection, new design air conditioning ventilation Hill Descent Control tilt assist system, LED touch cab lights, and premium audio system.

New Features Honda HR-V 2023
New Features Honda HR-V 2023

The new All-New Honda HR-V model is expected to be equipped with the latest Honda SENSING safety system that uses a wide-view front camera and a high-speed image processing system for traffic condition detection functions. To make driving safer and more comfortable, there is also a collision warning system for cars and pedestrians.

With a collision mitigation braking system (CMBS) system to help prevent exiting the path. System to help read traffic signs This system helps cars stay on track. It’s been improved from the previous model, and three new functions have been added, namely the anti-fault accelerator pedal: short-range collision warning system and automatic high beam system. Additional safety features include a multi-view camera and a side blind-spot warning system for your device or driving assistance features.

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