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New Volvo Self Driving Car Concept

Waymo and Volvo Form a Partnership To Build Self-Driving Technology

New Volvo Self Driving Car Concept – The Volvo Car Group shares the vision of creating an autonomous future where roads are safer, and transportation is more accessible and greener. Automatic car or autonomous car. The automatic car that replaces the role of humans in driving, is a technology that still feels very, very far away. At present, electric cars alone have not yet been mass-marketed, especially automatic cars. Volvo Car Group is present as the latest automotive partner and is ready to realize the autonomous car technology that has been reported.

New Volvo Self Driving Car Concept
New Volvo Self Driving Car Concept

New Volvo Self Driving Car Concept

To achieve that, Volvo has just announced a new partnership with a technology company called Waymo for its electric cars with the intention to integrate the self-driving technology for Waymo into the Volvo electric vehicle platform. Waymo, a unit of Alphabet Inc. in Silicon Valley, said it would become an exclusive global partner for Volvo Cars to develop autonomous cars that are able to operate safely without driver intervention. Waymo as the exclusive L4 partner for the Volvo Car Group. L4 refers to level 4 autonomous (self-driving) driving technology in accordance with SAE International’s definition.

Volvo Self Driving Car Concept Design
Volvo Self Driving Car Concept Design

The company will build and develop a powerful software platform for advanced driver assistance and the autonomous driving system developed by Zenuity in recent years. A breakthrough project saw the autonomous, hybrid, and all-electric concept engines electrify mines in Sweden. Volvo will work together with the intention to fully integrate Waymo Driver Waymo self-driving technology into the Volvo electric vehicle platform.

The Volvo Car Group is helping to pave the way for the spread of Waymo Drivers abroad in the coming years and is an important milestone in the highly competitive autonomous vehicle industry.

New Volvo Self Driving Car Concept Price Release

Waymo and Volvo did not say when or where they hoped to launch their new ride vehicle. By 2025 Volvo is targeting one of the three cars they sell with autonomous features. We don’t have a lot of information about Volvo autonomous cars, but certainly, the price of an autonomous car is very expensive. Sensor kit alone, without a vehicle, the price can be USD 100,000 or equivalent to Rp. 1.4 billion. What’s more, cars with these sensors are quite difficult to mass-produce. This is in contrast to conventional cars that are easily produced so the price is affordable.

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New Volvo Self Driving Car Concept Design

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