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Volvo S90

Next-Generation 2025 Volvo S90

2025 Volvo S90 Redesign

The Volvo S90 is a luxury sedan expected to be redesigned shortly. While it is unclear when the redesign will happen, it will likely be on the horizon as Volvo continues to roll out all-electric models across its lineup. The next-generation version of the S90 sedan will ride on the electric SPA-II platform and will likely maintain its long-wheelbase proportions. The car is expected to offer superb value for money, with mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid trims to help save money at the pump. The 2023 Volvo S90 starts at $57,000 for the base Plus model and $62,550 for the Ultimate model, while the plug-in hybrid S90 Recharge begins at $70,500.

2025 Volvo S90
2025 Volvo S90

Despite the demise of traditional sedans in the United States, this body style remains popular in global markets, particularly China, the home of Volvo’s parent company, Geely. As such, Volvo will develop a next-generation version of the S90 sedan to ride on the electric SPA-II platform. For those who prefer to relax in the back while their driver does the hard work, the S90 will likely maintain its long-wheelbase proportions. That length may allow a larger battery to be installed in an S90 Recharge, should Volvo decide to introduce this vehicle, providing an unprecedented range for long-distance electric cruising.

Volvo has committed to reinventing itself as a leader in sustainable transportation and will unveil one new all-electric vehicle each year through 2025. The third generation of Volvo’s large SUV will roll on a new platform that accommodates all-electric power. We’ve only seen hybrid versions of the XC90 built on today’s SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) platform. However, the SPA-II platform to underpin the new XC90 will be designed for full electrification. Volvo confirmed that an XC90 EV is happening. Look for an all-electric XC90 Recharge to be available from the launch. It will also lead the way for a new design direction for Volvo, one of luxurious elegance that better differentiates the brand from Polestar, which will take a more aggressive, dynamic approach. The new XC90 will be built at Volvo’s Charleston, South Carolina factory.

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