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New Polestar O2 Concept Using Autonomous Cinematic Drone

Polestar O2 Concept Comes With Modern Technology

With the Polestar O2 Concept (shown above), Swedish car manufacturer, Polestar competes against Tesla. The biggest selling point for this new electric vehicle is its big battery capacity.

Most importantly, this vehicle is meant to serve as a halo model for the company to develop other high-performance vehicles built on an electrified platform. Indeed, Polestar claims that the O2 Concept can reach 60 mph in under 4 seconds and reach a top speed of 155 mph.

The newly introduced Polestar O2 concept car is it’s first one after its earlier collaboration with Volvo Cars. The four-seat luxury coupe features a large touchscreen and a contemporary look compared to other cars of this category.

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Polestar O2 Concept Design
Polestar O2 Concept Design

Here’s a unique concept car that provides a comfy and quick ride. Though is the Polestar O2 suitable for everyday commuting? This vehicle gives the driver control of where to obtain its fuel from, making it fun and eco-friendly.

Polestar continues to expand its worldwide efforts in automotive technology by unveiling the Polestar O2 Electric Roadster concept car. As part of the release, they released a video of the concept car making its way through an abandoned warehouse – and this was done using the concept car’s drone, the sleekest looking electric vehicle yet. It gets its new drone on top of this stylish design.

Polestar O2 is a 2-door coupé GT sport version concept launched by Volvo. The body of the car has strong retro touches, with big curved surfaces to reinforce its dramatic side view profile – but also sleek lines and shapes throughout the body that aerodynamically optimize the flow around the car while keeping it resistant to both wind turbulence as well as collisions.

Polestar O2 Interior Design
Polestar O2 Interior Design

Polestar O2 is an Electric Concept Car

The development of electric vehicles is steadily growing. It’s promising to be the future that many people have been waiting for, especially those who are concerned about the environment and the fate of our planet. With better battery technology coming out every year, there’s no reason to think that EVs (electric vehicles) won’t be the future of transportation. However, major carmakers haven’t created anything worth talking about. Polestar O2 is an electric concept car set to be released next year.

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