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New 2023 Volvo d13 Truck

New 2023 Volvo d13 Truck Redesign and Engine Performance

2023 Volvo d13 Truck

New 2023 Volvo d13 Truck – The Swedish Volvo truck manufacturer claims that this truck named the 2023 Volvo d13 can consume almost one-third less fuel than the consumption habits of heavy-duty vehicles that have occurred so far. Furthermore, the manufacturer states, this new concept truck from Volvo was created to increase fuel efficiency by more than 30%.

2023 Volvo d13 Truck
2023 Volvo d13 Truck

This new concept truck from Volvo Trucks is presented to prove how dramatically this is possible, of course, to increase productivity in operating vehicles over long distances.

2023 Volvo d13 Truck Redesign

It is unsure whether the Volvo d13 2023 will be redesigned, as photos come from the inside suggesting the designers are up to something. Or the image is just publicity. Meanwhile, from the circulating images, the latest truck for the D13 model looks so futuristic that it is very appropriate to be sure of a sophisticated and modern future.

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2023 Volvo d13 Truck Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The New Volvo D13 will have a hybrid powertrain from the rumors circulating, and the aerodynamic VNL can provide substantial savings. Now standard, the next-generation Turbo Compound is up to 6% more fuel-efficient than our current 2020 D13 engine.

2023 Volvo d13 Truck Engine
2023 Volvo d13 Truck Engine

Volvo says that using a number of the latest features that will support the turbo technology will improve fuel efficiency. This achievement is supported by using a unique design piston, which is made in such a way that it can create a perfect mixture of air and fuel.

The new machines are expected to be equipped with a number of the latest features, including the Volvo d13 kitchen package, and all of them will be produced in the middle of next year.

Volvo d13 2023 Truck Features

The 2023 Volvo d13 truck is already equipped with a variety of features. Starting from Cruise control, steering tilt and telescopic, Electronic Parking Brake, Three-Point Safety Belt, Power Steering, V-shaped Daytime Running Light (DRL), Anti Lock Braking System (ABS), air conditioning, in-vehicle situation recording device, and water. Suspended Seat.

In addition to aerodynamic improvements, the Volvo D13 2023 Truck is also equipped with new tires developed with low rolling resistance technology. Furthermore, the approximately two-tonne trailer applied to this truck was translated by Volvo Trucks to show improved fuel efficiency in higher payload operations.

2023 Volvo d13 Truck Release

This Volvo d13 truck will not be produced by the manufacturer yet because it is part of their research project. However, some of the aerodynamic features used in this project have been applied to several Volvo truck series that have been produced in recent years.


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